Greens cranky it’s taken years for Nationals to remove dam proposal off the table in Central West

NSW Greens Rural Water spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham has welcomed the NSW Nationals caving into Greens and community pressure and taking the proposal for a dam at Cranky Rock off the table.

Mr Buckingham said the decision, made five months out from a tight State election, confirms the Greens’ suspicion that the original Needles Dam and the Cranky Rock alternative were nothing more than ‘back of the beer coaster’ proposals.

“Nothing gets between the National Party and hole in the ground or a new dam or both,” he said.

“When the Nationals are under pressure, they quickly fall back on the same formula of more dams, regardless of whether they’re necessary or adversely impact on the community and nature.

“If they’d listened to the Greens years ago when we first raised our objections, the community would have had greater certainty and alternative water security measures could already have been in place.

“NSW does not need new dams, we need smart local water solutions such as stormwater harvesting, increasing efficiency and recycling.

“The Liberal/Nationals have been in government for seven years but they forgot to forward-plan for drought.

“The Nationals are still in denial about climate change despite drought and extreme weather and the reality of its impacts hitting home to many on the land. They are nowhere to be seen when it comes to protecting communities from misuse and theft of water by the mining industry or big irrigators.

“There’s a natural fit between the increasing concern about natural cycles and the need for climate action, which will give farmers and the Greens more in common than ever before.

“The Nationals should be damn worried that regional communities will wake up to the fact they’ve lost touch and vote them out at the next election,” Mr Buckingham said.

📷: Central Western Daily



  • So Adani has permission to take millions of water for nothing, never mind drought, local opposition and serious reports rejecting the whole project. The Nationals are fools as well as criminals. They still believe in vain, harmful technocratic solutions that create worse problems. Yet more proof that these people live in the 1920s- 30s. On this topic read ‘Engineers dreams’ by Willy Ley, Scientific Book Club, London. Cannot find the date, probably 1930s. Author quotes Churchill on the frontispiece: ‘Let us cut a large chunk of ice form the Arctic icecap and tow it down past Cornwall, fly on our aircraft and tow it to the point of attack.’ Just as mad.

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  • Expose the government ! Toxic aerosols used in weather modification programs used to control the weather , used on world populations without their knowledge or consent !! This is a crime against humanity ! Many of us know of this . This is weather warfare. Not one politition will mention or admit to this , therefore they are ALL corrupt ! How long do they think they can hide this from the public ? What will they say in their defense when the truth is exposed to the entire public & they realise this is mass genocide !!!!!!


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