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  • Dear Mr Buckingham,

    I am writing to thank you and express my concern at the prospect of the beautiful Cliefden Caves being destroyed by flooding due to the proposed Needles Dam Project on the Belubula River.

    Having viewed the ABC’s “7.30 NSW” last night…. Thank you for making a stand on behalf of the Cliefden Caves, and all of us who appreciate and admire this amazing place.

    Having visited the caves many times during the 1970s and 1980s I can assure you that they are indeed a natural wonder of the world.

    I recommend an underground visit to these caves, and limestone cave systems around the globe.

    I am a Guide at Jenolan Caves and am constantly astounded by the beauty and wonder of the naturally formed limestone caves that are hundreds of millions of years old.

    I consider it to be an absolute privilege to share these wonders with thousands of visitors from all over the world.

    If the Belubula dam project goes ahead, a project which is not widely supported at any level, the extreme short sighted nature of the idea borders on the totally criminal and outrageous.

    A simple “straw” crystal formation in a limestone cave develops at the rate of approximately one centimetre in a century!

    The chambers and formations in the Cliefden caves have taken HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of years to develop.

    We humans are here for but a “blink”.

    Again, thank you and I encourage you to do all that you can to ensure that this project stopped now and forever.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Graeme Bucholtz


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  • I thank you for raising the water issues of Broken Hill. When we had an aged care crisis, neither side of parliament nor the Federal Rep were interested and so we ware losing an aged care facility that was successfully in operation for 20 years. We so lack true representation in the far west.


  • Jeremy I liked your statement about the Wilcannia Weir.
    You ought try to include the “Wilcannia Mob” in your campaign.
    The sound and the lyrics were very popular a few years ago.

    Denis Wilson
    Robertson NSW>


  • Its just come to my attention, and I had a MAJOR lightbulb moment in discussion with a fellow member of the group Gerald Quayle….that there are Mega Fauna fossils that have been found and unearthed around sunset strip! I briefly loked into any articles and snippets and the information is staggering!!! These are artifacts of INTERNATIONAL significance and preservation!! Someone in Admin and also anyone in this group who has contact with anyone in the Paleontology etc world…needs to get onto this really fast!! I will post all photos and links I can so everyone can read for themselves….its a lot of information….but if peoples needs, environment and ecology nor Indigenous cultural and spiritual respect and artifacts wont stop the Bores and damamge….maybe this will??…/Late_Pleistocene_megafaunal_extin This has come to our attention Jeremy, please read and see if you can use this information to help our lakes, thanks for all your help Jeremy, Broken Hill are behind you and thank you for all your support and bringing this plight of ours to parliament. Cheers Cherylyn Gaiter ( Member of the Broken Hill we want Action Group).


  • Hi Jeremy, Thank you for backing the people of Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia we really appreciate your support. If you could keep stressing the point how stupid Kevin Humphries plan is to drain water out of Menindee Lakes down the Darling river into the murray and then build a pipeline at the cost of millions of dollars to pump it back to where it came from in the first place. Is this man for real, he keeps telling you to get your facts right, how stupid does this man look with such a ridiculous idea. Darryn Clifton and Kevin Stacey from the “We want Action Group” came up with a far better plan which would not cost the millions that Kevin Humpries infrastructure would cost. Any way, thanks again for your commitment of your on going support. 🙂


  • You really are a bunch of morons. You have nothing more important to do than pass a motion to say someone is a boofhead. You are the boofhead idiot. Any wonder you people are always on the outer. You have taken a great cause and destroyed it. Do something beneficial and p off.


  • OMG Randal Wooods you’re sooo angry about something - but get going - mine rehabilitation may help your anger management.

    Thanks Jeremy for the beneficial work you do to keep the fauna and flora of our country safe from mining.

    Not to mention the greatly benefiting work you do to keep us humans happy and healthy :))


  • Can you create a form that is fill in friendly to support your bid for a mine audit and get it out on face book Fantastic idea


  • Keith richard Bonney

    Being the Greens party .Thought using Kermit the frog as a mascot after all he is green and we all know that frogs a great view of what going on in the enviroment


    • What an obscure comment. Spinach is green and violets are blue.Unless you have something intelligent to say please keep off this site.


  • Have you seen this? If it is true it needs to be addressed urgently


  • Hey Jeremy, thought you should be interested in this resource.

    Click to access publication.pdf

    “Throughout Australia and New Zealand, Minter
    Ellison acts for oil and gas explorers, producers,
    pipeline owners and their customers. This Guide
    provides an overview of the oil and gas sector
    in each country. It also summarises the policy
    and regulatory framework – upstream and
    downstream, onshore and offshore; taxes and
    royalties that impact the sector; environment and
    planning laws; native title and aboriginal cultural
    heritage issues; workforce‑related legislation; and
    the implications of carbon policy and regulation
    for the industry.”


  • Jeremy, re. Your Condomine “rivers shouldn’t do that” concern. Rivers don’t catch fire Jeremy- they are made of water. What is burning is a seepage of a natural gas that exists underground and has been set fire to.Nothing to see really. Flammable gases (ie gases that would catch fire if exposed to flame) seep up in areas all the time especially in marshy areas eg. around rivers, very often.


  • I would like to know why the Broken Hill community was not consulted in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan ?
    I would also like to ask for all environmental impact studies relating to the Darling River to be made freely available to ALL stakeholders.

    I would like the Environmental impact study of Cubby station to be made freely available to all stakeholders along the Darling River and also those communities who depend upon the Darlings water.

    All stakeholders have a right to know all the details of any decision which is going to affect quality and supply on the Darling River.


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