Jeremy Buckingham is a member of the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House). He is the Greens NSW spokesperson on Resources, Energy and Industry, Primary Industries and Agriculture, Regional Water, Health, Mental Health and Medical Research, Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service, Upper Mid North Coast and Western NSW.   Jeremy is also a member of General Purpose Standing Committee No. 5.


  • Inaugural Speech given on 11 May 2011 click here
  • Speeches and questions by Jeremy Buckingham click here
  • Questions on Notice by Jeremy Buckingham click here.
  • Parliament of NSW website click here
  • The 2017 Parliamentary Sitting Day Calendar click here

One comment

  • Jan W. van Egmond

    Dear Jeremy,

    Why are you helpineg The liberal partry sick pension downgrade.

    There is something very sick in the religion of the liberal party. Let me explain. I came to this beautiful country on the second of March1962, so I could marry the woman I spend the rest of her life with. She passed away on the 4th of the 10th 2015.
    Menzies was in power, and a severe credit squeeze was on, I registered for a Job in a small government room on the first floor of the building in Frankston Vic., opposite the than Pratt’s store which became Safe-way, and at present it is part of the Woolworth chain of supermarkets. I found my first job on the second week after my arrival.
    Coming from a country in which I used to pay a percentage of my income for my pension, sickness benefits and unemployment benefits I Asked if I could register for all three and pay from the money I brought with me for the instalments until I got work.
    The person who helped me looked somewhat amused and I was told that the taxes I would pay included my future pension, while the other services would be between my employer and me.

    Since those of us who started work during the Menzies era paid for our pensions as part of our taxes, those liberals in power should be ashamed to call it a benefit since it is an entitlement we paid for in our taxes.

    Yours truly Jan W. van Egmond.
    82 Prinsen Lane
    Mount Bruno. 3675

    PS. A young Mr. Pratt delivered our drinks on our wedding day since our order we paid for had been lost the 31st of March 1962.


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