Order free stickers

Greens MPs Jeremy Buckingham and Dawn Walker have printed bumper stickers and leaflets to promote campaigns.  They are free to those who can put them to good use.

To order a bumper sticker, simply click on the sticker you want and provide your contact details and the number of stickers you can use.

If you would like more than 10 of any sticker to distribute, please contact my office on 02 9230 2202.

Having trouble opening the links? Simply email: greens.stickers@gmail.com with the type of sticker, the number of stickers you want, your name and postal address to receive your free bumper stickers.

Please note as we only have limited resources we can only send stickers to people within Australia. If you are from United states you can Login to UPSers.com to check updates about Stickers.

Save the Darling sticker.jpg

Climate Not Coal Sticker web



Farms not coal sticker


Adani Sticker 860px

Click here to sign up for coal seam gas and coal updates.



  • Keep up the Fight we have them in the corner & as soon as they come out for the next round they will B on the canvas for the full. Count.
    Common Sense must prevail we must Loose our Food Bowl to A mineHole.
    Post stickers to
    I will hand them we have plenty of Professional Bludgers in our group.
    What an insult from someone in his position .
    True will come out in the end


  • Great News, but the “Clicks” are not “live”.
    Pls advise once it is working.
    Denis Wilson


    • It is an email (mailto) link. You may need to enable your browser to use the link. For example, in Chrome, click the diamond shape in the URL window to enable the link to be opened in Gmail.

      Alternatively, email: max.phillips@parliament.nsw.gov.au with the type of sticker, the number of stickers you want, your name and postal address.


  • For example, in Gmail, click the diamond shape in the URL window to enable the link to be opened in Gmail.

    Thanks Max, but I am using a web browser, not an email program
    Hence the notes about Gmail make no sense to me.

    I will email you. Thanks.
    Denis Wilson


  • I have the same problem Denis.


  • They are not WEB links to a website, they are EMAIL links to an email address.

    Click on the link, your email program will open, and you can type an EMAIL to get the stickers with the details you need them sent to. If you haven’t got an email program setup on your computer - you can use a webmail service (like yahoo, gmail, outlook or hotmail) and manually send an email to max.phillips@parliament.nsw.gov.au


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  • u need to make anonymous stickers


  • I love nature


  • Whens the rally to save the Liverpool Plains ? this really needs to be stopped.


  • Why is it that we elect people to represent us in parliament and they become the people we have to rally against for their stupid and destructive actions.. Are they not listening to us?

    The next question has to be, is our system of democracy outdated especially when you consider that it no longer works for the benefit of the people, and the nation?


  • GREAT stickers!! I love them all!!


  • Everything sends me to google chrome which I don’t use and there is no diamond shape that I can see.
    Nevertheless, if this gets through I’d like 5 of each (four cars and one house) plus a few extras if possible for giveaway to like minded friends.


  • What about taking the Federal and state governments to court to have them sacked for failing to safeguard the rights of Australians against foreign companies.


  • It is Australians who sell mining and other rights to foreign companies over the heads of farmers, conservationists and first peoples and it is Australians who vote for such people


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