• Yes only the Greens oppose CSG and many other mines. But even supposing the Greens win an election nationally or have more influence, the huge corporations will sue the bejesus out of any government that stops their greedy projects- for breach of contract. So other than serious civil disobedience resulting in prison or loss of one’s house what to do? Most do not want to know- same as climate change -or the Herero/Armenians Holocaust/Rwanda for example - about 10% of people care and that is never enough. I will not give up yet note Camus’ 1947 message in The Plague- you fight for nothing but sleep better at night?


  • I’ve traveled 8 times to Australia and have seen a vast amount of Australia. To me, Australia is a country that has the most beautiful landscapes that nature has offered for mankind to see and behold. When I see a fire being lit on a river due in-part because of FRACKING, I am really disappointed that persons in power/control would allow such horror-able course of action to exist in a land that is so dry and where water is so precious. Canada is experiencing the same thing. Billions of gallons of our fresh water are being pumped down into vast caverns in order to get the last drop of oil. That same water is rendered useless, never to be drank or consumed by man or beast ever again. Fracking also exists here in Canada with no precise evidence as to the possible damage caused to our water tables. Unlike Australia, we have huge amounts of precious fresh water here in Canada. It is a shame that progress can continue even though there are still unanswered questions to the facts about possible damage to the environment!

    Come on Aussie come on!!

    Tom Nichol. Canadian


  • Yes Tom and in Canada also many gold mines, Mt Polley and Summitville, Barack Gold poisoning Pacific islands at will… in Western Australia local people ( Aborigines) are told by burly white police to get off their own land, because some corporation wants to destroy their song lines by building a massive gas mine and port there. It is all beyond despair.


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