Did Baird trade CSG vote for game parks?

MEDIA RELEASE – 14 August 2015

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today expressed his concern that the government has done a deal with the Shooters to support the establishment of game parks in NSW, after the Shooters flipped their position and sided with the government to vote down the Greens’ Coal Seam Gas Prohibition Bill, while nominating their bill to legalise game parks in NSW in the Legislative Council order of precedence.  The Greens Bill was supported by Labor, Christian Democratic Party and Animal Justice Party.  The Shooters and Fishers Party changed their vote at the last minute to ensure the Bill did not pass the NSW Upper House.

The Hon. Robert Brown yesterday nominated his Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Repeal of Game Park Prohibitions) Bill 2015 in the order or precedence, meaning it will be debated and voted on in the near future.  If passed, this bill would legalise shooting exotic animals in game parks in NSW.

“The Greens are concerned the government has agreed to support the Shooter’s legislation to allow game parks in NSW in return for their vote against the bill that would have established a moratorium on coal seam gas and bans in certain areas of the NSW,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The Shooters Party are notorious for horse-trading issues and making deals with the government in return for their support on close votes.  They told stakeholders such as Lock the Gate that they would support the CSG Bill in the morning, but after Resources Minister Anthony Roberts visited their office they changed their tune and voted with the government against the bill.

“We know the National Party was desperate to stop the CSG prohibition bill from passing the Upper House and putting their local members under pressure in the Lower House.  Have they agreed to support legalising game parks to avoid any political embarrassment over the sensitive issue of coal seam gas?

“It’s a great shame that politics in NSW can be shaped by the ruthless mercenaries in the Shooters Party with their narrow and dangerous agenda.”


  • Grace White Fearher

    Let’s get a petition going… Very soon! No canned hunting of exotic species in Australia.. Complete ban on all trophy hunting! Show some moral leadership, Australia.


  • How does a low life piece of scum like Robert Borsak get the title of ‘Honorable’ in front of it’s name in the NSW Upper House?
    It would have to be the lowest form of life on this Planet considering what it has done…eg. the shooting of a magnificent elephant. The wrong animal was shot…it should have been Borsak!


  • Just when you think Shooters and Fishers Party can’t go any lower and BAZINGA the ninth circle of hell opens up.


  • Dr Sue Schofield

    Heaven help us if this goes ahead! We don’t want fracking either… we NEED RENEWABLE ENERGY! What an appalling action to oppose this from Greens…words fail me!


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