Another AGL gas leak underscores CSG industry’s routine and systematic failures

Media Release – 9 April 2015

In response to the gas leak detected at AGL’s pilot well in Gloucester and the subsequent need to flare to release the gas pressure, Greens coal seam gas spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham said:

“It is disturbing that there has been another leak at the Gloucester project and that the local air quality will now be fouled by this emergency flaring of gas.

“With only a handful of wells drilled and fracked we have had multiple incidents. People are right to be concerned about what will happen with the 100-300 wells AGL plans for Gloucester.

“This leak comes off the back of at least one in ten wells at AGL’s Camden CSG facilities leaking and underscores the CSG industry’s routine and systematic failures.

“This latest incident further erodes the public faith in AGL’s ability to manage their gas fields and AGL need to take a long hard look at the impact that these regular scandals is having on their corporate reputation.”

Contact: Jack Gough – 9230 2202


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