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Greens propose eight Renewable Energy Zones for NSW

The Greens have proposed eight priority Renewable Energy Zones for NSW as part of a national plan to supercharge investment in large-scale solar and drive an unprecedented move towards 100% renewable energy for Australia.

The plan would establish a national network of 31 Renewable Energy Zones to enable the efficient planning and development of large-scale renewable energy, including Broken Hill, North West and Northern NSW. A new $2.8 Billion Grid Transformation Fund would support the augmentation of transmission infrastructure required to connect these new zones to the existing electricity grid.

NSW Greens Energy spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham said, “The Greens want to unlock NSW’s future as a renewable energy powerhouse.

“The recent IPCC report warned of the need to end coal by 2050 to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees, strengthening the push for fast-tracking renewable energy in Australia.

“Labor and the Liberal/Nationals are ignoring the science. If we don’t end their addiction to coal, we’re stuffed.

“The Greens are the only party with the policies capable of implementing the rapid and far reaching transitions required to limit global warming.

“Our plan for a network of Renewable Energy Zones can unlock NSW’s potential, creating clean energy and jobs.

“The current national energy grid is stuck in the past, sending wires out to polluting coal-fired power stations. NSW needs better connections out to regions with abundant solar and wind resources so they can feed cleaner renewable power into the grid and help bring electricity prices down for all.

“We must prepare now for the major transformation in the energy grid over coming years as outdated coal-fired power stations reach the end of their life and new connections from wind and large-scale solar plug in.

“The Greens want NSW to power ahead as a special Renewable Energy Zone and enjoy cheap power, greater energy security and the opportunity for new jobs and innovation.

“Energy and climate policy in Australia and NSW is in a shambles. The NSW Government has been in for seven years yet it has no significant policy for supporting a low-carbon energy or driving investment in renewable energy and associated jobs in regional areas.

“We need a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy for a chance of a future free from pollution and climate damage,” he said

Greens congratulate AGL on Broken Hill solar milestone

MEDIA RELEASE – 18 September 2015

The Greens NSW regional renewable energy spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today congratulated AGL, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the NSW government and First Solar on reaching the milestone of feeding 26 megawatts of solar power into the grid from the 53 megawatt Broken Hill Solar Plant.

“The Greens congratulate AGL and First Solar on reaching the major milestone of feeding clean solar energy into the grid and will push for a rapid expansion of solar power in NSW,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The potential of solar power is so vast in our sunburnt country, so it is great to finally see significant developments being built.

“Solar plants like those built or under construction at Broken Hill, Nyngan and Moree should be a key component of both our energy system and regional economies.

“I toured the Nyngan solar plant recently and was very impressed by its low impact on the environment and the scale of the industry.

“As coal mining and coal-fired electricity generation collapses in Australia, solar and wind energy can help provide regional jobs and economic activity, while also protecting us from dangerous climate change.

“I hope the departure of Tony Abbott and ascension of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister will see federal support for the renewable energy resume and more projects like the Broken Hill solar plant commence,” Mr Buckingham said.