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Baird’s epiphany on climate change welcome, but he must deal with coal

MEDIA RELEASE – 3 November 2016

The Greens welcomed the Baird Government’s announcement that they would set a net-zero emissions target by 2050 and allocate money to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy, however, they said banning new coal mines, a state based renewable energy target (RET), and formulating a concrete transition strategy away from fossil fuels, was necessary to deal with climate change.

NSW Greens energy and resources spokesperson, Jeremy Buckingham said: “It’s good to see the Baird Government shedding their dinosaur attitudes and changing their philosophy on climate change, however, a 2050 net-zero emissions target will not be reached unless we deal with coal.”

“I’m pleased the government is adopting Greens’ initiatives, such as the setting state based emission reduction targets, funding renewable energy and energy efficiency, and providing incentives for electric vehicles.

“Of course, we need more than far-off targets. We need a ban on new coal mines, a state based RET and a transition plan for a rapid and managed switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“The Greens have previously announced our policy for reducing stamp duty and registration fees, allowing travel in transit lanes and government procurement policies to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.  I’m pleased to see this is on the Government’s agenda.

“If Premier Baird can shrug off the climate dinosaurs in the Coalition, then he has a lot to gain politically, and economically in terms of jobs and investment for NSW, by becoming a champion of renewable energy and climate action.”

Greens congratulate AGL on Broken Hill solar milestone

MEDIA RELEASE – 18 September 2015

The Greens NSW regional renewable energy spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today congratulated AGL, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the NSW government and First Solar on reaching the milestone of feeding 26 megawatts of solar power into the grid from the 53 megawatt Broken Hill Solar Plant.

“The Greens congratulate AGL and First Solar on reaching the major milestone of feeding clean solar energy into the grid and will push for a rapid expansion of solar power in NSW,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The potential of solar power is so vast in our sunburnt country, so it is great to finally see significant developments being built.

“Solar plants like those built or under construction at Broken Hill, Nyngan and Moree should be a key component of both our energy system and regional economies.

“I toured the Nyngan solar plant recently and was very impressed by its low impact on the environment and the scale of the industry.

“As coal mining and coal-fired electricity generation collapses in Australia, solar and wind energy can help provide regional jobs and economic activity, while also protecting us from dangerous climate change.

“I hope the departure of Tony Abbott and ascension of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister will see federal support for the renewable energy resume and more projects like the Broken Hill solar plant commence,” Mr Buckingham said.


NSW Farmers’ fantastic change on climate change

MEDIA RELEASE – 16 July 2015

The Greens NSW climate spokesperson  Jeremy Buckingham today praised the NSW Farmers’ Association for changing their climate change policy to acknowledge climate change, its impact on farmers and supporting a transition away from coal and gas to renewable energy sources.

The move was facilitated by NSW Young Farmers’ Council at the NSW Farmers’ Association annual conference.

“I heartily congratulate the NSW Farmers’ Association for this key policy change and acknowledge the excellent work done by young farmers to achieve this new policy,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Not only are farmers at the front line for the impacts of climate change, but as land managers and custodians of large tracts of the environment, they must play a crucial role in efforts to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

“The Greens and farmers are aligning on key issues.  We work together to protect land and water and for policies that facilitate successful and sustainable agriculture and regional economic development.

“NSW Farmers’ Associations support for a transition away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy is fantastic.  The expansion of coal and coal seam gas directly threatens farmers and makes no sense with the global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy that is picking up speed.

“Many of the farmers I meet around NSW are highly attuned to the environment and care deeply about it.  It is good to see the NSW Farmers’ Association now recognising the biggest environmental challenge we all face – global climate change.”

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916


NSW Farmers’ Association Policy Change minutes:

a) That the following sections of NSW Farmers’ Policy be rescinded:

  • It can be shown that the temperature has risen first followed by carbon dioxide and not the other way round, and that until a royal commission is held to explore the scientific veracity and soundness of claims that carbon is a pollutant, we should not embark on any action which will cost us as a nation dearly in money, forgone export earnings and effort for no gain. CARRIED
  • That the Association continue to seek more scientific rigour in the climate change debate. LOST
  • In the interest of determining the science behind climate change, that the Association lobby for a Royal Commission into whether the activities of mankind are responsible for causing any change. CARRIED
  • That the Association in conjunction with NFF, call upon the Federal Government to undertake a full and open examination of the science surrounding the theory of man-induced climate change. CARRIED

    b) That the following policy be inserted:

  • NSW Farmers acknowledges that primary producers are on the front lines of seasonal variability, exacerbated  by a changing climate, and supports its members playing an active role in the issue. CARRIED
  •  NSW Farmers encourages Governments to support the transition from fossil fuels like coal and gas towards more renewable energy sources in rural, regional and remote areas where their operation can be shown to be of a net benefit to farming communities. CARRIED

Nyngan solar plant the clear way forward

MEDIA RELEASE – 17 April 2015

The Greens NSW regional renewable energy spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today congratulated AGL and the NSW Government on the completion of the Nyngan solar plant, saying this type of project was the best way to power the state and create jobs and economic activity in the regions.  He also congratulated AGL on the announcement today of its ‘pathway to decarbonisation’.

“I’m probably AGL’s number one critic on coal seam gas, but I heartily congratulate the company on building the largest solar plant in the Southern Hemisphere.  This type of project is clearly the way forward for NSW,” asked Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The Greens welcome AGL’s announcement of their ‘pathway to decarbonisation of electricity generation’, and believe ditching coal seam gas should be the first step on this pathway.

“Renewable energy technology has matured to the point where there can be no more excuses not to build solar and wind to rapidly replace the polluting coal-fired power stations.

“We should be opening a new renewable energy project every few months in NSW, until the state is powered primarily by renewable energy.

“I encourage the new AGL CEO Mr Vessey to make AGL a leader in renewable energy and abandon the coal seam gas projects that have harmed AGL’s corporate reputation.

“I know NSW Resources and Energy Minister Anthony Roberts is a supporter of solar.  The test is whether he will implement policies that see NSW become a solar power house?

“It is a disgrace that the Abbott Government has deliberately undermined a sector that has massive growth prospects and can replace mining as a key driver of regional economies,” he said.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916

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