Nationals out of touch with Lismore on  proposed Adani ban

MEDIA RELEASE – 25 October 2017


NSW Greens resources spokesman Jeremy Buckingham today said the National Party were out of touch with the community of Lismore and the Northern Rivers and wrong on the Adani coal mine issue, after the Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey criticised Lismore Council for considering a ban on contractors that work on the Adani coal mine.

“Lismore Council should be congratulated for considering a ban on contractors that work with the Adani company on their climate destroying coal mine,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The Adani mine is a national issue that represents a line in the sand on climate change.  It is entirely appropriate for a local council, representing a community that cares about the environment and wants to protect the climate, to take real and meaningful action.

“Melinda Pavey’s comments show that the National Party is populated by a bunch of out-of-touch dinosaurs that need to be booted out of power.

“The National Party should be ashamed of their support for the Adani coal mine and the proposal to give $1 billion of taxpayers money to subsidise the railway to take coal from the proposed mine.

“Recent polling indicates the National Party is severely on the nose in Lismore and out-of-touch with the community on issues such as climate change and renewable energy.

The Greens almost won the seat last time and are ready to step up and give Lismore representation in NSW Parliament that actually reflects the community’s values.

“The National Party got it wrong with their support of coal seam gas and they’re getting it wrong on the Adani coal mine, climate change and renewables.  They’re a party stuck in the past.”

One comment

  • Absolutely agree that the National Party is stuck in the past, they need to move into the 21st century ASAP and get with renewable energy. The Adani mine will be an environmental disaster and very bad for our environment.


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