Slap down for Nationals as Parliament votes unanimously against nuclear power in NSW

MEDIA RELEASE – 30 May 2017

The NSW Legislative Council has today unanimously passed a motion against establishing nuclear power in NSW, in a slap down to Deputy Premier John Barilaro, who recently promoted establishing nuclear power in NSW during his speech at the NSW National Party conference in Broken Hill.

The motion was passed unanimously* in formal business:

“1390. Mr Buckingham to move— That this House does not support a nuclear power station in New South Wales.”

NSW Greens energy spokesman Jeremy Buckingham said:

“The National Party are stuck in the last century when it comes to energy and resources.

“The Deputy Premier has announced his big idea for nuclear power in NSW and now the entire Upper House, including his Nationals colleagues, have voted against this dumb idea.

“The Nationals should listen to their young members, listen to the community and embrace renewable energy and action on climate change.”

*Update: The Hon. Peter Phelps has informed us that he opposed the motion.  However, he did not object to its formality (any one MP can stop a motion being put in formal business).  Nor did he call a division to have his vote in favour of nuclear power recorded in Hansard. Dr Phelps claims he was unable to call a division because no other MP was willing to provide the ‘second voice’ required.

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