Santos reignite coal seam gas war lodging plans for Narrabri project

MEDIA RELEASE – 1 February 2017

The Greens NSW Resources and Energy spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham said today that Santos’ lodgement of plans for their Narrabri project would reignite the war over coal seam gas in NSW and called on the called on the new NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to clarify whether she will support the development of a toxic coal seam gas industry in NSW.

Santos announced today that they have lodged their Environmental Impact Statement for their proposed Narrabri coal seam gas project with NSW Planning as well as a deal with the APA Group to build a new pipeline to connect the project to APA’s existing pipeline between Moomba and Sydney.

“The news that Santos has lodged their EIS will reignite a massive battle in NSW over coal seam gas which the farmers and community will win,” Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said.

“Santos has recently made it clear they have little interest in developing the project and have instead spun it off into a separate entity, ready for sale.  The government should not allow Santos to jerk people around, waste their time and create uncertainty just to fatten up the project for the stock market.

“This is a huge test for Premier Berejiklian who should clarify whether she will support the development of a toxic coal seam gas industry in NSW, when it is clear it has no social licence.

“The community has clearly rejected this unnecessary and unwanted industry because it will lead to the industrialisation of the landscape and the pollution of groundwater resources.

“The NSW Government were punished for supporting this industry at the last state election and can expect similar electoral pain if they do not change course.

“Santos and the APA Group can expect to be met with persistent non-violent civil disobedience and direct action should these projects be approved.

“The last pipeline route met with significant resistance from farmers and APA should respect landholders who do not want them on their property.

“The Greens will stand up for farmers and the community every step of the way both on the front lines and in parliament.

“The real drivers and opportunities in our economy are agriculture, tourism and renewable energy, not a new destructive fossil fuel industry,” Mr Buckingham concluded.

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