Historic victory as Caroona coal license cancelled

MEDIA RELEASE - 11 August 2016

On the NSW Government decision today to buy back the Caroona coal exploration licence in the Liverpool Plains for $220 million, Greens Resources and Energy Spokesman Jeremy Buckingham said:

“This is an historic victory for farmers, Greens and the community who have fought a decade long campaign to save the Liverpool Plains from coal mining.

“The Greens have stood with landholders every step of the way to protect our land and water and we will continue to campaign to stop destructive coal mines.

“The NSW Government have today woken up to the reaility that new coal mines are unviable and the Greens are calling on Mike Baird to commit to a transition plan away from coal.

“The next step must be the cancellation of the neighbouring Shenhua Watermark mine which continues to threaten the Liverpool Plains, as well as KEPCO’s Bylong project and Hume Coal’s Berrima proposal.”
Contact: Max Phillips  - 0419 444 916


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