Barnaby a fool on water management

MEDIA RELEASE – 9 June 2016

The Greens NSW water spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today labelled Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce a ‘fool’ after the federal water minister excused irrigators and blamed the environment for the water crisis in the lower Darling and Broken Hill.

“It’s instructive that Barnaby Joyce only visited Broken Hill because his plane was diverted from elsewhere,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Barnaby Joyce is a fool.  He denies the reality of climate change.  He blames the environment for man-made problems, and pretends upstream irrigation is not a problem for the Darling River.

“The foolish Barnaby proposed 27 new dams and irrigation projects in his 2014 Agriculture Green Paper.

“He is a water minister for big corporate irrigators only.  He clearly doesn’t care about family farmers and graziers going to the wall, let alone Broken Hill or the environment.

“Barnaby conveniently ignores the vast amounts of water used for huge cotton crops by his mates Southern Queensland.

“He’s like a cartoon character from the 1950s, with his head in the sand about the situation and simplistic engineering solutions.

“Barnaby Joyce has spent more time talking about Johnny Depp’s dogs than working on solving the crisis in the Murray Darling.”


  • Jenny De Lacey

    Oh, this is real!
    It’s just like something from the Betoota Advocate.
    It is frightening to think too much about the fact that this man is the Deputy Prime Minister.
    Go, Tony Windsor – it’s in the bag!


  • absolute truth.


  • All you pricks that live in city get your water from dams why not do something about water for farmers of any type to make life better for regional areas with with more jobs growth and exports from agriculture even the Romans could convert desert into farmland


  • A fool on Live Export as well


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