AGL pull out of coal seam gas, time for Baird to ban it   


Media Release – 4 February 2016

NSW Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham welcomed the announcement by AGL that they were pulling the plug on coal seam gas in NSW and Qld, saying it showed the company wanted to transition itself to a clean future, and called on Premier Mike Baird to ban coal seam gas across NSW.

“This is a wonderful and smart strategic decision by AGL to get out of a fossil fuel that was floundering in the face of community opposition, concern about pollution and climate change, and an accelerated transition to renewable energy.

“The Greens recognise that AGL seems to be making a significant efforts to transition itself from climate baddie, to an energy company with a clean future.  We hope this continues.

“With one deeply unpopular and troubled coal seam gas project left in NSW, it is time for Premier Baird to act and ban coal seam gas across the state.

“This decision shows that a social licence is necessary to operate in a community.  Coal seam gas is opposed by the vast majority of people and coal is rapidly losing its social licence to operate in NSW.

“The Greens congratulate the efforts of so many people over so many years to oppose coal seam gas in the Gloucester Valley and share their joy of being able to move on with their lives knowing that their land and water is protected.


  • Oh! and nothing!, No mention of the Bottom Dropping Out of the oil price, I had changed providers, is it safe to go back? No to Fossil Fuel, Go Solar!!


  • the rationale announced by AGL applies to SANTOS too: They said that it is just too difficult and costly to produce gas and they will buy gas from our “southern states.” Sort of puts paid to the notion that NSW needs to “import” gas, eh?
    That was always BS anyway. How will SANTOS now justify it’s insistence on destruction of the Pillaga for a gasfield there? Can we stop pollution of the Great Artesian Basin water?

    It is time for NSW govt to stop SANTOS : it will never succeed against the will of the people anyway, and we need the government to be responsible for the environment into the future. Nobody without a financial hand in this believes the “gas is good” mantra any longer. Do you think the people in California are enjoying the massive uncontrollable gas leak there?

    I believe that we are on the edge of an important victory in the people’s struggle for a sustainable future and we can all be happy that we contributed to a dialogue which brought sense out of the industry spin and shone a light on the dark greed of the huge deception perpetrated against us.
    Our children and grandchildren will be better off with clean renewable energy. Thanks for whatever you are able to do.
    Which side of history will you be on?

    Northern Rivers Guardians


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