Where is the 212 tonnes of missing coal seam gas waste? 


MEDIA RELEASE – 20 September 2015

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today called on the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and AGL to locate 212 tonnes of coal seam gas waste that has allegedly gone missing or been disposed of at a unlicensed composting facility.

An EPA site inspection report, released after a year long FOI request (download here), on AGL’s Broke coal seam gas facility notes 212.26 tonnes of waste was taken to an unlicensed facility Bettergrow, but Bettergrow dispute that they ever received the waste.

EPA GIPA extract

“AGL and the EPA must reveal exactly where this toxic coal seam gas waste has been dumped.  Has it been mixed in with compost?  Was it dumped somewhere else?  Why has the EPA taken absolutely no action?” asked Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The issue with coal seam gas is the large quantities of toxic waste it produces and there has been a litany of spills and serious pollution incidents.  This latest dangerous debacle shows that neither AGL nor the EPA can be trusted.

“The systemic failures revealed in this report show why AGL should not proceed with fracking 100 CSG wells in the beautiful Gloucester Valley and why there should be a ban on this industry across NSW.

“The EPA has again let a polluting corporation off the hook and failed to protect the environment, and Minister Speakman must explain why AGL have not been prosecuted.”




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