AGL corporate reputation fracked after another coal seam gas breach

MEDIA RELEASE – 5 March 2015

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham said AGL should ditch their coal seam gas operations in Camden and Gloucester before they do their corporate reputation any more harm after the EPA fined them $15,000 for breaching their Environment Protection Licence in relation to a leaking gas well at Spring Farm in Sydney’s west.

“Another day, another fine for a coal seam gas company. When it comes to the coal seam gas industry, and AGL in particular, the public are sick of the routine and systematic failures which demonstrates it is unsafe,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham

“AGL are a regular offender when it comes to breaching their Environmental Protection License and it is past time they ditched their coal seam gas operations at Camden and Gloucester before they do any more damage to their battered corporate reputation

“Fracking is hurting AGL’s corporate image and I urge the company to concentrate on renewable energy which has strong public support.”

“The Greens want a complete and permanent ban on coal seam gas and the immediate cancellation of AGL’s licence over the Gloucester Valley,” Mr Buckingham said.

Contact: Jack Gough – 9230 2202 or 0427 713 101


One comment

  • AGL’s Camden Northern Expansion plans, which have been placed on the backburner since Mr O’Farrell introduced the 2km buffer zone, must be permanently withdrawn. Please do all you can, Jeremy, because although Dart is now not going to mine through the middle of Sydney (wonderful news), AGL’s plans to mine CSG in Campbelltown’s picturesque “Scenic Hills region” could prove fatal to the whole of Sydney’s west, as it would provide the gateway for AGL to frack a massive swathe of land from Liverpool to the blue mountains and north beyond Richmond. This area includes the massive South West Sydney Growth Centre, and as such will eventually become home to thousands more people and new infrastructure and industry, including a new airport. Campbelltown’s picturesque and historic Scenic Hills contain the heritage-listed Sydney Water Canal ( which provides at least 20% of Sydney’s drinking water from the four Upper Nepean dams. If a gas-gathering pipeline were ever laid next to this water canal (as AGL has always planned to do in the Northern Expansion) it could potentially destroy Sydney’s water supply. This craziness has to be stopped now. We have been fighting against AGL’s plans for years and they are just sitting quietly in the background at the moment and pumping money into their local advertising in the hope of hoodwinking south-west sydney into believing they will only ever act in our best interests. Too many of us know their words cannot be trusted, and although I acknowledge your wonderful work against the CSG industry over many years, I plead with you now for more help with this before the upcoming State election.


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