Foley should set new direction on coal

MEDIA RELEASE – 5 January 2015

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham has called on newly elected NSW Labor Leader, Luke Foley to set a new direction for Labor on the issues of fossil fuels, saying it was time Labor acknowledged that coal was a major factor for climate change and that NSW needs to transition to a renewable energy future.

“As Labor’s environment spokesperson, Luke Foley knows just how damaging coal mining is for the environment and climate.  Mr Foley has a chance to display real leadership by setting a new direction on how we source our energy and what we mine,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Labor can’t continue to walk both sides of the street on the issue of coal.  You can’t say your serious about climate change and then pretend that the coal industry can continue to expand indefinitely.

“If Mr Foley is serious about NSW being the country’s “social conscience” then setting a new direction on the issue of coal and climate change is crucial and is a test of whether he is just another machine man from Sussex Street, or a leader willing to make difficult decisions and argue the case for them.

“NSW will make crucial decisions about our mining and energy future over the next few years and the Greens’ door is open to all those who acknowledge the limited future of fossil fuels and the great potential of renewable energy technologies.”

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916

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