Santos reveal plans for thousands of CSG wells for North West NSW

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today called on local MPs in the North West of the state to stand up to protect their electorates from the threat of coal seam gas after Santos revealed to investors their long-term plans to massively expand their coal seam gas operations in NSW.

Documents from Santos’ investor seminar presented on 26 November show where Santos would like to expand coal seam gas operations in NSW.  It shows both coal seam gas resources as well as Petroleum Exploration Licences in the electorates of Barwon, Northern Tablelands, Upper Hunter, Tamworth and Dubbo.

“This investor briefing makes it clear that Santos want many thousands of coal seam gas wells in NSW, including in good agricultural areas.  The North-West of the state is at risk of becoming a heavily industrialised landscape – a giant gas field,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“It’s time for the local members, Troy Grant, Kevin Humphries, Kevin Anderson, and Adam Marshall to stand up for their communities by having coal seam gas ruled out in areas of their electorates.

“The Chief Scientist’s report into coal seam gas recommended that ‘the Government use its planning powers and capability to designate those areas of the State in which CSG activity is permitted to occur’.  These local members should clarify exactly where in their electorates coal seam gas should occur before the state election.

“The Greens believe coal seam gas is unnecessary, unsafe and unwanted and governments should promote renewable energy projects in the region instead,” he said.

Moree Plains farmer Penny Blatchford said: “Although the government boasts it has reduced gas areas to just 15% of the state, it covers the majority of our North West region, including some of the best agricultural land from the Liverpool Plains to the Queensland border.

“I agree with Tory Grant that the NSW Gas Plan will be ‘hard to sell’.  That’s because the bread basket of NSW is being targeted to be a large coal seam gas field.  Farmer’s will not stand by and let our agricultural productivity and future be threatened by Santos or any other gas company,” she said.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916  Penny Blatchford: 0427 546 787

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