Failure to prioritise Wilcannia Weir shameful

MEDIA RELEASE – 26 November 2014

The Greens NSW spokesperson on water Jeremy Buckingham has described as shameful the failure to prioritise funding a new weir for the town of Wilcannia in either the Water Security for Regions 2014-15 Shortlisted Projects or the 2014 State Infrastructure Strategy released yesterday, saying the Baird Government is neglecting the basic needs of people in Outback NSW, particularly Aboriginal communities.

“It is shameful that the need to build a new weir for Wilcannia downstream of town has been completely ignored by the Baird Government in setting out its water infrastructure priorities,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“For over ten years successive government have failed to act on the issue of moving the weir, despite the fact the project would make a big difference to the wellbeing and water security of the people of Wilcannia.

“With the Government looking to allocating $1 billion to water infrastructure it is disgraceful that the Wilcannia Weir has been left off their plan.

“The failure to prioritise this weir, even though the Water Minister is the local member, highlights the disinterest and neglect of Outback towns such as Wilcannia by the Baird Government.

“The Greens want to see a new downstream weir for Wilcannia built in 2015. We want justice for the Badrkindji people.   I am going to be on Water Minister Kevin Humphries case from now, until the election and beyond, until we get action on the weir project,” he said.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916

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