Greens concerned with AGL security guard assaults on citizens


11 November 2014

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham has written to the Police Minister Stuart Ayres expressing his concern about an alleged assault by AGL security personnel on protesters on public land.  The letter requests that police investigate the incident, which was recorded on video, and that sufficient police resources be made available to ensure AGL security guards do not assault protesters in the future.

Mr Buckingham has also written to all AGL board members making them aware of the incident and asking for AGL’s assurance that their employees or contractors respect the right to protest and refrain from assaulting members of the public.

“I became extremely concerned when I watched video footage where AGL security appear to assault members of the public who are simply standing peacefully on a public road and quite clearly say to the security guards they do not wish to be touched,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“I do not believe there is any legal authority for private security guards to assault members of the public who are on public land and have shown no intention to trespass.  It is a matter for the police only to deal with protests occurring on public land.

“The police must investigate this incident and if AGL security guards have broken the law, they should be prosecuted and the company held to account.

“The right to protest peacefully is an extremely important part of our democratic society.  A company hiring goons to rough up protestors should remain in the history books and has no place in modern Australia.  AGL should apologise to the protestors involved and provide an assurance that it will not occur again,” he said.

Read Jeremy Buckingham’s letter to Police Minister Stuart Ayres

Read Jeremy Buckingham’s letter to AGL Board of Directors.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916

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