Motion: Whitehaven Coal Biodiversity Management Plan

Jeremy Buckingham MLC
Notice of Motion

Whitehaven Coal Biodiversity Management PlanMaules-Creek-forest-clearing

I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move:

1)    That this House notes that:

a)    Whitehaven Coal has approval to clear a large area of the Leard State Forest for their Maules Creek coal mine in North West NSW, including habitat for dozens of threatened species.

b)    The approval was subject to conditions to ameliorate the impact of the loss of bushland, including the need for a Biodiversity Management Plan to minimise the impact on wildlife of clearing for the mine.

c)     Previously, this plan included a commitment by Whitehaven Coal that clearing would only take place in late summer and early autumn in order to avoid key breeding and hibernation seasons for threatened birds, mammals and reptiles.

d)    The NSW Department of Planning and Environment recently changed this condition in the Maules Creek Biodiversity Management Plan to allow clearing of large areas of Leard State Forest over this winter.

e)    The hastening of a works program by three months for a project with a 22 year life does not provide a reasonable basis to further significantly impact upon protected fauna, including nationally and state listed threatened species

2)    That this House calls on the Government to:

a)    Immediately insert a condition into Whithaven’s Biodiversity management Plan which ensures the removal of native vegetation which contains potential roosting/nesting resources for birds and/or arboreal mammals will be conducted outside known breeding/hibernation periods, during late summer or early autumn

Download the PDF of this motion

One comment

  • muzz Leard State Forest

    This must STOP NOW !!!!! been on the front line for two years
    you fight them in parliament
    we’ll fight them in the forest

    Stand and Protect
    Love and Respect


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