O’Farrell re-commits to water not coal


Click here to listen to Premier Barry O’Farrell’s words

Barry O’Farrell:

:I remember well standing in that park and making the commitment that we were not going to sign up to any mining proposals that undermined and threatened water supplies in the Wyong Valley.

I remember it well because:

a)      It was an honest answer

b)      It remains my view today, and

c)       Ever since I made what I thought was a bleedingly obvious statements on the back of a 10 year drought, the Minerals Council of NSW and certain mining interests have held it against me.


Well tough, that’s still our view.


We are not going to allow any form of land use threat to a water supply anywhere in NSW.:


–          Barry O’Farrell in response to a question from Allan Hayes of the Australian Coal Alliance at the Australian Friendship Society dinner in August 2013

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