Greens condemn Minister Roberts for spouting CSG industry lies

MEDIA RELEASE – 17 February 2014

anthony robertsThe Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham today condemned NSW Minister for Resources Anthony Roberts for running a scare campaign based on industry lies to justify turning NSW into a toxic gas field.

“The idea that NSW must industrialize our agricultural land and threaten our water resources in response to looming gas price hikes is simply not true,” Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said.

“The reason that the price of gas to Australian consumers is set to rise is because the government is rushing to export LNG and this is increasing demand and driving up prices.”

“I have made it clear on numerous occasions that as we transition to renewable energy we should reserve existing conventional gas resources from South Australia and the Bass Strait for domestic use.”

“Instead of allowing key farmland and environmental assets to be contaminated by coal seam gas drilling to feed overseas demand we should assess whether any exports are in the national interest.”

“Regardless of how quickly we drill for gas under the current regime we can expect domestic prices to reach export parity anyway, so why risk our land, water and climate?”

“The Minister today has shown his hand and it is clear that he plans to keep rolling out the same short sighted, self-interested lines that the gas industry peddles with little regard for the impact on communities.”

“We do not need coal seam gas and communities have made it clear that they do not want coal seam gas.”

“It’s about time this government listened to the farmers, scientists and economists who are calling for a just transition to a renewable energy future which builds regional NSW.”

The Greens at a national level are considering a policy response to gas price rises including a domestic gas reservation and national interest test.

Contact: Jack Gough – 9230 2202 or 0427 713 101

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