A Warning from Wyoming – John Fenton Tour

Fenton tour website

In Feb/March 2014 we are bringing John Fenton, a cattle rancher from the USA, out to Australia where he will be telling his story of how fracking for gas poisoned the water in his home town of Pavillion, Wyoming.

Following the drilling of 200 gas wells in his region, drinking water now has to be trucked in and local farmers have to ventilate their houses when they run a bath or have a shower or risk an explosion from the build-up of gas. Some locals have developed major health issues connected with the chemical pollution.

Hear John Fenton speak about this situation and the battle against fracking being waged in the USA.  For more information visit www.fentontour.com or click on the links to the following tour dates:

One comment

  • Hi can you help! I live in the UK and Caudrilla is pushing for shale gas or fracking. I am a farmers lad and have seen his talks on youtube and feel he is the man to talk to our farmers hear in the UK as he has first hand experience of this industry. Please can you tell me how to contact John Fenton direct
    Kindest regards

    Tony Holden


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