No halfway with corruption – O’Farrell must cancel corrupt coal licences

Media Release – 18 December 2013

The Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham criticised Premier Barry O’Farrell for failing to deal decisively with the corrupt Mt Penny and Doyles Creek coal exploration licences, warning that there can be no halfway when it comes to dealing with corruption.  Coal mine vertical

“The public will not tolerate anyone benefiting from corrupt conduct and the government must act decisively by canceling these corrupt coal licences,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Writing to the companies and giving them a chance to keep their licence is a pathetic response, when strong and decisive action is necessary. The Greens believe there should be no benefit from corruption and that the Premier should have implemented the recommendations of ICAC today by cancelling the licences.

“Many of those involved in the corruption of these licences are still involved in the companies that hold the licence. Those that have invested in these companies since, knew the risks as the corruption issues with both licences have been widely publicised for a long time.

“Nucoal is essentially the same company as the original licence applicant, with the same major shareholders and personnel – changing the name of your company does not absolve corruption.

“Why would Premier O’Farrell give them a second chance to possibly benefit from these corrupt licences?

“The Greens strongly support the ICAC recommendation to recover any profits or damages made through corrupt conduct and will work constructively with the government to enact any necessary legislation.

“The Greens want a broader inquiry into the granting of mining and gas licences when Obeid and Macdonald were ministers. The Greens also support root and branch reform of the laws and regulations governing mining and gas licencing.”

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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