Missing Mt Penny papers inquiry

In late 2012, Jeremy Buckingham and his staff noticed that many of the documents being tabled as evidence in the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inquiry into the allocation of a mining exploration lease at Mt Penny in the Bylong Valley were missing from a ‘call for papers’ on Mt Penny supplied to the NSW Legislative Council in 2009.

Jeremy wrote to the Clerk of the Legislative Council and the ICAC raising his concerns.  A document comparison was conducted by ICAC and it found that 124 documents relating to Mt Penny were not provided to the parliament in 2009. An initial inquiry by the Privileges Committee found that the matter should be further investigated.

This inquiry commenced on the 7 May and concluded on the 31 October and found that a series of serious errors had and a change of minister had led to these critical documents not being supplied to the parliament.  You can view the Inquiry webpage here.  Jeremy Buckingham has written a statement of dissent, outlining his concerns with the limited scope of the inquiry and concern about evidence provided to the committee.  His statement of dissent is available on the Parliament’s website here on page 191-193 of the PDF



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