Broader inquiry needed into Macdonald’s coal and gas licences after ICAC’s damning report

MEDIA RELEASE – 30 October 2013

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham called for a broader inquiry into all exploration licences issued by the former Labor government and a review of the Mining and Petroleum Acts, after ICAC released a damning report that concluded that the current allocation system had “so many risks and opportunities for corruption, it was almost inevitable that corruption would occur at some point.”  photo (2)

“ICAC is damning in its criticism of the current system of allocation. The Greens want to see a swift and comprehensive response from the government, including an overhaul of the law in this area and an inquiry into licences granted under the former Labor government,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“ICAC has concluded that ‘perverse incentives and opportunities are embedded in the existing coal allocation system have the capacity to distort the decision-making process on what and when coal deposits should be released ‘. The government must move quickly to fix what is clearly a broken system.

“The Greens welcome the recommendations made by ICAC. The Greens believe a representative of the Office of Environment should be included on the proposed steering group to oversee this area.

“The Greens welcome the use of competitive auctions for licences and have serious concerns over the seemingly ad hoc amounts paid for licences under the previous government.

“Clearly the recommendations of this ICAC report necessitate a serious overhaul of both the Mining Act and the Petroleum (Onshore) Act.

“Given the inadequacies of the system and that two former mining ministers have been found to have acted corruptly, there should be a broader inquiry into the exploration and production licences issued by the former government.”

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916



  • I noted in the recommendations that triple bottom line assessment should be made to the steering group. This is probably an important topic with CSG and coal in general. I’m not sure what the power of such a statement is, but a ToR around what a triple bottom line would be essential. It could be a useful tool in fighting ecologically dangerous mining.
    Also will these assessments and recommendations be publically available, or at least available to MP’s?
    The recommendation was:
    Recommendation 8
    That the assessment panel provides a triple bottom line assessment of the environmental, social and economic factors of allocating an EL and reports its findings to the steering group.


  • Justice must not only be done it must be seen top be done.


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