New rules a recognition coal seam gas is unsafe

Media release – 3 October 2013

Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham welcomed the implementation of new rules for coal seam gas in NSW, saying it was a recognition that the industry was risky and unsafe, adding that NSW should source its gas from existing conventional gas fields in South Australia and Bass Strait and prioritise renewable energy.whip

“These rules are a recognition that coal seam gas is unsafe and that we should protect our homes, farms and water resources,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The truth is that there is plenty of conventional gas in the east coast network. The dangerous pursuit of coal seam gas is purely to feed the export LNG market. Governments should act in our national interest and reserve conventional gas for domestic customers rather than risk land, water and communities.

“The Greens share concerns of NSW Farmers that the gateway process still allows mining on prime agricultural land – betraying the Coalition’s pre-election promise that these were areas where mining “should not occur”.

“There are many productive agricultural areas or sensitive environments where the flawed gateway will not even apply. Farmers in these areas will be wondering why they do not enjoy the same protection?

“The Greens are also concerned that existing projects and land owned by the gas companies are exempt from these new rules. All citizens of NSW deserve equity under the law and the same protection. The people of Gloucester, now facing fracking on their door step are wondering why these rules do not apply to them?

“Governments and energy companies should be prioritising renewable energy such as solar and wind, over gas and coal. In an age of dangerous climate change there is an urgent need to drastically reduce emissions. Starting a new fossil fuel industry is a fundamentally flawed proposition.”

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916


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