Coalition declares war on farmers and communities by backing coal seam gas*

MEDIA RELEASE – 18 September 2013

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham said new federal Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane had effectively declared war on farmers and communities resisting coal seam gas after he labelled opponents “noisy protesters” and “minority groups”, citing “the need to make sure we get this gas out of the ground” in NSW as the “most urgent resource issue” for the new government. 1+Ian+Macfarlane

“The Abbott Government has declared war on the farmers and communities around NSW who are trying to protect their land and water from the threat posed by coal seam gas,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Export LNG is creating an entirely artificial gas supply problem, yet rather than reserve gas for domestic supply, the Coalition looks set to let coal seam gas rip across the landscape.

“The Abbott Government seems willing to risk agriculture and water resources, so that a few large oil companies can export LNG to Asian markets. Their priorities are back-to-front.

“The question is now whether the National Party, and MPs like Barnaby Joyce, will have the guts to stand up their Coalition colleagues?

“A domestic gas reservation policy that reserves some conventional gas for domestic use is the best way to solve the gas supply problem without wrecking NSW with coal seam gas,” he said.

* Also know in Doublespeak as ‘natural gas from coal seams’.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916


One comment

  • There are so many problems surrounding CSG extraction methods, that it IS foolhardy for the govt. to allow untrammelled drilling at present. The Govt. Coalition and Labor have so far demonstrated that they: a) do not fully understand the CSG procedures and dangers and b) are prepared to overlook ALL the research and information about CSG drilling and the consequences. All these half wits need to do is look up on the internet, all information that is available about what is happening in the US and here in QLD and NSW. We, the people under attack from the govt and its mates in mining and drilling, appear to know more than the pollies. WE must not allow these thugs to whip us into submission. WE MUST continue our fight. Of course this demonstrates just how out of touch and ignorant these politicians and the people who voted them in are. Just wait until our farmland is destroyed, our water supply contaminated and our air polluted. Then I suggest we sue these bastards, individually. this is criminal irresponsibility on the part of politicians. Mr. Abbott took a vow today to protect the people. We must hold him to this.


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