Greens successfully amend local land services Bill to restore environmental objectives and add financial incentives for land conservation

MEDIA RELEASE – 27 June 2013

The NSW Legislative Council has agreed to two Greens amendments to the Local Land Services Bill 2013.Regional development image

The first amendment restores objects found in the Catchment Management Authorities Act relating to State priorities, triple bottom line natural resource management, and using sound scientific knowledge in decision making, to the objects of the Local Land Services Bill 2013.

The second amendment modified an existing object in the act “to provide a framework for financial assistance and incentives to landholders including, but not limited to, incentives that promote land and biodiversity conservation” [Greens addition in italics]

“Many farmers and other landholders want to manage their land to promote environmental restoration and biodiversity, and the government should look at ways to provide financial incentives and income streams to encourage good land management,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The Greens are pleased that these sensible amendments to promote modern, scientific land management were adopted by the Parliament.

“The Greens would like to see a system of rate reductions for landholders who dedicate parts of their land to environmental restoration or conservation.

“Managing land for a healthy environment benefits everyone, including those living in the cities.  As such, we should recognise its value and promote it through financial incentives,” he said.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or  0419 444 916

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