Liberals, Nationals and Labor vote down farmers’ right to say no to coal seam gas

MEDIA RELEASE – 28 May 2013

The Greens NSW spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham today condemned the Coalition and Labor party for failing to support landholders’ right to say no to coal seam gas.  Greens MP Jamie Parker moved in the Legislative Assembly amendments to the Petroleum (Onshore) Act that would have legislated the right for landholders to refuse an access agreement to a miner to enter their land.  The amendment would have scrapped the compulsory arbitration sections of the Act, meaning any access agreement would have to be voluntary.Menangle Park drillng

The vote was lost with only the Greens MP Jamie Parker and Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich for the amendments.

“This vote was a test on whether many local members believe their constituents have the right to say no to the exploration or mining of coal seam gas on their property.  In the eyes of the community, many local members failed this test tonight,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“The National Party, Tony Abbott and Ian MacFarlane are running around the country saying that mining should not occur on farms if the farmer doesn’t want it.  Yet, when these state Liberal and National MPs had a chance to put those sentiments into the law, they baulked.

“Members like Kevin Anderson, Mark Coulton, Kevin Humphries, George Souris, Chris Gulaptis, Pru Goward, Gareth Ward, Bryan Doyle, Stephen Bromhead, Chris Patterson and Jai Rowell should explain why they voted to allow gas companies to continue to be able to force their way onto farms in NSW.

“It is now clear that the Greens are the only party that wants to give farmers the right to say no to coal seam gas on productive agricultural land.”

The Bill will now move to the Legislative Council for debate.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202 or  0419 444 916



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