Kevin Humphries can’t cop the heat, so lies about the Greens

MEDIA RELEASE – 18 April 2013

Country Greens MP, Jeremy Buckingham responded to a press release by Nationals MP Kevin Humphries, accusing Mr Humphries of lazy politics and misleading the media and community. Christine & Jeremy - on farm

“Everyone knows the National Party is too close to the mining and gas industry with senior Nationals like John Anderson and Mark Vaile sitting on the boards of coal and gas companies.

“The Greens are pleased to stand up to protect farmers, land, water and regional communities, and are filling the void left by a failing National Party.

“Kevin Humphries is afraid of political competition, so after a visit by Australian Greens leader Christine Milne to Moree last week, he has been spinning lies about the Greens.  Humphries has never been the sharpest pencil in the box, but misleading his constituents is lazy and disrespectful.”

Kevin Humphries asserts that the Greens:

  • “Want to extend National Parks onto prime agricultural land”.  Wrong!  Australian Greens agriculture policy says: “6. Government policy should not compromise the primacy of sustainable food and fibre production” and “20. Protection of prime agricultural land, water and infrastructure from urban expansion, mining, inappropriate biofuel crops and other competing uses and encroachments. “


  • Will “remove the Diesel Fuel Rebate”.  Wrong!  The Greens want to keep the diesel fuel rebate for agriculture.  We want to remove the rebate only for the mining companies.
  • Support a “return to death duties”.  Wrong!  The Greens no longer support an inheritance tax.  This was dropped as a policy last year.
  • “Do not support irrigation or broad scale farming”.  Wrong!  The Greens support efficient and productive irrigation and agricultural systems that are sustainable and benefit farmers and regional communities.
  • “Want a total end to the forest products industry”.  Wrong!  The Greens natural resource policy supports “A sustainable and productive wood products industry on public and private land that maintains or enhances the resilience of natural ecosystems and that creates long-term skilled jobs and social sustainability in regional communities.”

Mr Buckingham said: “It’s time the National Party dropped the lazy clichés and there was a genuine policy debate about the future of country Australia.

“The Greens have policies for successful and robust regional communities and economies based on sustainable agriculture, value adding to food and fibre production, investment in clean renewable energy, responsible mining that does not damage land and water resources, sustainable forestry, manufacturing, carbon abatement and other environmental services, tourism, and healthy service industry hooked into the world via an NBN.

“The Nationals are stuck in the past, towing along behind their Liberal Party masters.  MPs like Kevin Humphries need to lift their game,” he said.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202  or  0419 444 916

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