If CSG too risky for city, then why risk farms or water?

Media Release – The Greens NSW

19 February 2013CSG-western-Sydney-front-250px

Greens MPs Jeremy Buckingham (Mining Spokesperson) and Cate Faehrmann (Environment Spokesperson) have welcomed the Premier’s ban on coal seam gas within two kilometres of urban areas and certain industry clusters, but questioned why the O’Farrell Government thought coal seam gas was still acceptable in drinking water catchments, on productive agricultural land or near rural homes.

“This ban is a good start, but there is still more to do to protect the people, land and water of NSW from this toxic, risky industry,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Unfortunately Barry O’Farrell is still sending a very strong signal to the industry that it has the green light in NSW. This isn’t good enough, as the industry has not been proven safe yet.

“It’s just commonsense that you don’t turn residential areas into gas fields, but the same protection should be implemented for our water catchments, aquifers and farm land.

“The federal election has sharpened the senses and finally the government has heard that the people of NSW do not want a coal seam gas industry. This is a big victory for the community, but there is still more of NSW to protect” he said.

“If coal seam gas is not safe or appropriate in the suburbs of Sydney, then it should not be forced upon farmers, their homes and farming operations. Nor should it be taking place in sensitive environments like the Sydney water catchment, the Northern Rivers, Gloucester Valley, Pilliga Forest, Southern Highlands and the Great Artesian Basin aquifer,” he said.

Environment Spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said: “The Greens welcome EPA oversight and the involvement of the Chief Scientist, however, the EPA must have the resources and teeth to proactively investigate and monitor operations. The history of coal seam gas and mining in NSW is that the EPA shifts into gear only after the community discovers the environmental damage. Coal seam gas is a risky industry that needs professional and constant monitoring.

“City people know this is a state-wide issue and the campaign against coal seam gas will continue until all of NSW is protected,” she said.

Jeremy Buckingham & Cate Faehrmann will hold a press conference at 11.15am at the rear of State Parliament.

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916


  • Thanks Jeremy for your elequent and insightful Statement.
    I live in the Northern Rivers, but am at present working in Vietnam, and am constantly confronted with the destruction and rampant pollution of the natural environment in and around Hanoi due to unfettered economic development with virtually no government environmental controls.
    My Vietnames family & collegues are distressed and extreemly anxious about the drastic changes in their rural land holdings, as they watch their water and soil degrading before their eyes.
    The corporations that are causing this damage have the same objectives as their counterparts in Australia, to get rich quick, supplying the rapidly growing Chinese and Indian economies. This gold rush mentality has to be stopped dead it’s tracks or will suffer the same fate as the farming communities here in Vietnam, and believe me it is not a pretty sight…..


  • Well said! I am so happy that we have a positive outcome so far but as a rural resident in the northern rivers i am wanting a complete ban on the practice to protect one of the most beautiful and bountiful parts of the state.
    The renewables industry is the only way to go, and it’s a profitable way too for many more people and industries than the fossil industries.. Thank you greens for your action and support 🙂


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