Help the Western Sydney CSG letterboxing campaign

The Greens have launched a campaign to inform residents in Western Sydney about coal seam gas and its consequences. Letterboxing500px

The marginal electorates of Western Sydney are the front line of coal seam gas with AGL’s plans to expand their gas field.  Political pressure in this area can make a big difference to the campaign against coal seam gas.  You can help apply this pressure.

We have printed a leaflet and now we need your help to get it into people’s letterboxes.

If you can spare a couple of hours to put leaflets in letterboxes we will send you a batch of leaflets and an area map.

To help contact Max Phillips –  or  call 9230 2202 or 0419 444 916




  • I’d be happy to help deliver leaflets. Please advise where and when. Thanks.


  • Brian Johnson
    19 Ballar Avenue
    Gymea NSW 2227
    PH 02 95253204 0410405288

    Dear Editor

    It wasn’t difficult to see from inception of the sneak in of coal seam gas into this country; we would not only be battling mining companies but state and federal governments as well on this incredible important issue. The government, Liberals and mining companies have been sidestepping, what can only be described as the democratic rights of all property owners.
    It would seem mining companies, shareholders and governments are impervious to the thousands who protest on beaches, bridges, marches and rallies have not a skerrick of conscience to slow their own march.
    Why a more coercive approach was never pursued by the huge following of CSG followers to federal government regarding this sneak in of the dreaded CSG has been a mystery to me this past two years.
    What we should have insisted upon from the outset was the rewrite of the “Petroleum (On Shore) Act 1991” and in doing so, possible averted this unholy mess.
    How do we lock the gates when the Government and petro chemical companies have the right of law on their side?

    Brian Johnson



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