Aboriginal Badge

The Hon. Peter Phelps, Government Whip in the NSW Legislative Council called a point of order on Jeremy Buckingham for wearing an Aboriginal badge on his lapel.


Phelps argued that the badge was too large and breached the standing orders.  He requested that Jeremy Buckingham either remove the badge or be removed from the parliamentary chamber.

Phelps ignored the fact that many MPs wear lapel badges and ribbons.

President of the Legislative Council, The Hon. Don Harwin reserved his ruling for a few hours then ruled that the badge was indeed out of order as it is 25mm wide.  The official badge of the Legislative Council is 20mm wide and is apparently the maximum size.

Jeremy Buckingham believes this is a disgrace and parliamentarians should be allowed to wear the Aboriginal flag in parliament.  He has refused to remove the badge.

Questioned on twitter about the ruling, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said:

bazarazzi bazarazzi ‏@bazarazzi  Hi @barryofarrell. Why did the President of NSW LC rule that@greensjeremy can’t wear an Aboriginal flag pin?pic.twitter.com/UiGHwPpC #nswpol
Barry O'Farrell Barry O’Farrell ‏@barryofarrell I don’t think that. I’m not sure if LC has rules on such things, but if so they need changing.

Read a news story on this issue.

Too big? Comparison of badge sizes

Too big? Comparison of badge sizes

One comment

  • Crikey,rules are rules, wether your black white or frickin crimson. Its stuff like this that gives ammo to those who want to keep us in the dark ages.Ffs conform to the rules or dont bother representing me at all. What are our young ones too make of all this? Im guessin it wont be of.anything good. Get a new lapel badge and stop buckin the system. And if you dont want to conform i hope.the chief.whip kicks your ass too the kerb and allow someone too take your place who will conform.


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