Greenpeace scientist to highlight GM wheat safety concerns and contamination risks

NSW Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham invites you to:

A briefing on the environmental, health and economic risks of genetically modified (GM) crops, by Dr. Janet Cotter, Senior Scientist from the Greenpeace International Science Unit at the University of Exeter (UK).

When: Wednesday October 26, 10am to 12noon

Where: NSW Parliament, Room 814/815

RSVP to Jeremy Buckingham MLC by 24 October on 9230 2202

About the presenter:

With ten years’ experience analysing the risks of genetic modification, Dr. Cotter brings the scientific debate to Australia, to discuss the dangers of eating GM wheat and the risks of releasing it into the environment

Dr. Cotter will highlight inherent safety problems with techniques used in Australia’s GM wheat, proposing a shift of investment to safe, reliable and effective modern plant breeding tools, such as Marker Assisted Selection.

In line with 400 leading agricultural scientists under the auspices of the United Nations, Dr. Cotter will also advocate ecological farming solutions for drought, climate risk and other agricultural challenges.

Dr Cotter’s and the Greenpeace Laboratory’s work on Smart Breeding and Drought Resistant Agriculture is linked here.


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