APPEA feeling the heat – places ads

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) is feeling the heat over coal seam gas.

APPEA Ad - click to enlarge

APPEA Ad – click to enlarge

Last week, spokesperson Ross Dunn admitted at a public meeting in Leichhardt, that coal seam gas “drilling will, to varying degrees, impact on adjoining aquifers”.   He later confirmed to the Sydney Morning Herald: ”I’m wanting to ensure that we are not seen as saying there won’t be any impacts during the process. It is a matter of monitoring and managing those impacts.”

The growing public concern about coal seam gas has now resulted in the NSW Parliament launching a broad ranging inquiry into the industry.


Now APPEA are in damage control mode, taking out full page ads in today’s Sun Herald and Sunday Telegraph.


We thought these ads were a bit biased, so we’ve drafted up a spoof ad that deals with some aspects of the industry that APPEA don’t want to talk about:


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