O’Farrell should reject Narrabri and Camden coal seam gas renewals

Media Release

3 August 2011

The Greens mining spokesperson, Jeremy Buckingham MLC, has called on the Premier to take charge and refuse to renew two coal seam gas exploration leases that have expired – Eastern Star Gas at Narrabri, and AGL at Camden – particularly given the admission from the industry that gas mining will inevitably damage underground water.

Eastern Star Gas’ exploration licence expired yesterday, AGL’s licence to explore for gas in the Camden Scenic Hills district near Campbelltown expired on 28 March 2011.

“It’s time for Premier O’Farrell to step up and take charge of an industry that is out of control and has the potential to damage NSW,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Eastern Star’s coal seam gas operations in the Pilliga are a disgrace with leaking gas pipes, unlined waste water pits, tracts of poisoned trees and vast areas of cleared forest.  Their licence should not be renewed while huge question marks hang over coal seam gas.

“AGL’s licence to expand its operations into the Sydney Metropolitan Area near Campbelltown should also be rejected.  Coal seam gas and residential areas don’t mix – that’s a no brainer.

“The industry’s admission that coal seam gas extraction will inevitably impact on aquifers should be a big red flag to the O’Farrell Government.

“Puncturing and draining multiple aquifers with thousands of coal seam gas wells will obviously have an effect, and should not be done in a rush for short-term profits.

“O’Farrell can nip coal seam gas in the bud now with a proper high-level inquiry, or he’ll have to take responsibility for a legacy of environmental damage and degradation of productive farm lands.

Contact: Max Phillips – 9230 2202  or  0419 444 916


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