Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill

Greens MP and coal seam gas spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham has introduced a Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill into the NSW Parliament.

The Bill would place a 12 month moratorium on the coal seam gas industry in NSW. It would also prohibit coal seam gas mining in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

The Bill will create a 12 month moratorium on this industry to give adequate time for an independent inquiry into the economic, social and environmental impacts. It will also prohibit coal seam gas activities in the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

This industry has not demonstrated it can operate safely. We need a moratorium now. Come along to learn more and show your support.

You’re invited to the launch of the Bill:

  • Friday 3 June, 2.30pm
  • Jubilee Room, now the Waratah Room, NSW Parliament Macquarie St Sydney

The Greens are calling for a moratorium on coal seam gas development in NSW.

This industry has not been proven safe. Experience in Queensland and overseas has shown that coal seam gas (CSG) presents a significant risk to water supplies and is damaging agricultural and environmentally sensitive lands.

Coal Seam Gas Mining – The Risks

1. Waste water. Millions of litres of saline, chemical laden waste water is produced to obtain the gas. Industry has failed to demonstrate this water can be safely managed.

2. Depletion of aquifers. The extraction of water from the coal seam results in loses from fresh water aquifers that often support domestic uses.

3. Release of ‘fracking’ chemicals. Fracking can link saline and fresh water aquifers causing cross contamination and allow fracking chemicals and gas into drinking water.

4. CSG is not clean energy. The claims by industry of coal seam gas being a clean, low emission technology are not supported by science.

5. Land impacts. The surface infrastructure required for a CSG field destroys large areas of agriculture and environmentally sensitive land.

What the Greens are doing

• Introducing a Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill

• Calling for a prohibition of Coal Seam Gas in metropolitan areas

• Supporting tougher regulations to protect waterways and aquifers

• Calling for the roll out of large scale renewable energy




  • Thanks you Jeremy! As a person from the HUnter, we would really like to be included in this, especially since work has commenced already on the new fracking from Broke to Wollombi! Much appreciaten for your work, thank you!


  • Good to keep acting on this issue, congratulations ! We have in Rivers SOS have an interview with our new Wollondilly MP Jai Rowell on Friday, we believe he lives near the “foaming Campbelltown gas well ” and should be interested in pursuing AGL – the worry is that, whatever chemicals were in the “soap”, AGL was unable to contain the blow-out, which doesn’t augur well since it was within 200m of the Upper Canal, an open canal carrying 20% of Sydney’s drinking water to Prospect reservoir.


  • Gretel Robertson



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