Foaming Campbelltown coal seam gas well leak must be investigated

Media release – 28 May 2011

Footage of the leaking foamy coal seam gas well

Greens MP and mining spokesperson, Jeremy Buckingham has called on the government to thoroughly investigate an AGL coal seam gas well (Sugar Loaf 3) that leaked a foamy substance into the air next to the Sydney suburb of Glen Alpine and a water supply canal. (see map attached as PDF)

Mr Buckingham witnessed and filmed the gas well spurt the substance into the air for 15 minutes last week and has written to the Environment Minister asking her to investigate.

“I was disturbed to witness an unknown substance spurt into the air from this coal seam gas well and drift toward houses in Glen Alpine,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“When we looked at the map later and saw the water supply canal only metres from the foaming well I was even more concerned.

“This incident must be thoroughly investigated to ensure the safety of Sydney’s water supply and the health of residents in nearby suburbs.

“The reckless coal seam gas industry must be brought under control by the O’Farrell government.

“There are many concerns about the safety, health, land use and environmental effects of the coal seam gas industry.  It should not be allowed to expand until these concerns are properly addressed.

“The Greens will move a bill in parliament for a 12 month moratorium on coal seam gas, and a prohibition of coal seam gas extraction in the Sydney Metropolitan Area,” he said.

(substance starts off foamy, then gradually becomes more watery and an airborne vapour)

Map of foaming gas well – Glen Alpine

Watch ABC TV News on this gas spew

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916


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